look alive, sunshine.

priya. sixteen. i like bands and youtube.

step 1: stop being and asshole

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I laughed so hard no sound came out

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Me:I need to make a good first impression
Me:puts on band shirt


fun fact

  • yelling at someone when they’re crying? funnily enough, that’s probably not going to make them stop. neither is insulting them. especially if the insult has to do with the fact that they’re crying. those are the things that are probably going to make them want to cry more. and feel worse. wow! that’s fun

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being a cishet looks boring why do people do that

Idk maybe bc sexuality/gender isnt based on how cool or interesting an individual wants to look

yeah but why be boring when u can be awesome and not cishet

yeah but why treat lgbt+ identities like some trendy fashion accessory that ppl can just slap on to look cool when u could not act like a complete idiot

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